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welcome to shenzhen jinhong precision technology co., ltd.

for users: serve customers attentively and make human life colorful.
for employees: create development space, enhance employee value, and improve the quality of work and life.
for the society: promote the healthy development of the cause and serve the progress of social civilization

business philosophy:
honest! be realistic! innovation! efficient! responsibility!

moral principle:
i would rather lose money than lose credibility; be innocent and act honestly;
strive for excellence in work, treat people sincerely and pragmatically; all businesses, big or small, are treated equally;

corporate style:
serious, responsible, strict, proactive and efficient
seriously: keep improving and ask questions
responsible: have the courage to take responsibility and be responsible to the end
strict: strict management, strict rewards and punishments. strictly discipline yourself, strictly discipline people, strictly follow the work process, and strictly reward and punish.
proactive: take the initiative to accept tasks, take the initiative to take responsibility, discover problems, and improve.
efficient: clear work plan and quick response. after doing today's things, leave room for tomorrow.

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